HUB Water
€ 17,99

Product description:

The HUB MONO takes its name from its main feature: the fact that, unlike its sister thermal HUB TORET, it is single-skinned, smaller and lighter. The practicality of this bottle is in fact in its negligible weight of 100gr, while still managing to contain 500ml. Easy to handle thanks to the hook placed in the bamboo-coated cap, the HUB MONO is simple and colorful, suitable for children and adults.


Product features:


Mono wall

304 stainless steel (food grade)

Suitable for acidic and carbonated drinks

It does not create condensation

Wide opening for inserting ice cubes and easy cleaning

Cap in real bamboo, each cap is different due to the diversity of each plant

Weight 100g

Dimensions 18cm x 7cm x 5cm (bottle neck)



HUB è la startup impegnata nel mondo della sostenibilità e del consumo dell’acqua. Grazie ad un servizio in continuo sviluppo, HUB mette a disposizione dei suoi clienti una rete di punti dove poter riempire la propria bottiglia in maniera del tutto gratuita e Green.